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Non-Toxic Laundry Machine Cleaner (1 Pack)

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Could that funky smell in your laundry machine be mold? Dirty washing machines can keep your clothes from getting fully clean, and even be a breeding ground for germs & mold.


Your Laundry Machine Cleaner is formulated using mother nature's most powerful ingredients to break apart detergent residue, stuck-on organic material, and leave your machine squeaky clean.


Clean out all of the cracks & crevices in your machine with zero effort, and give yourself the gift of a brand-new washing machine!

Whats in it

Citric Acid , Sodium Bi-Carbonate , Sodium Acetate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride and LOTS OF LOVE!


Whats not in it

No toxic surfactants, Oxygen Bleach (Percarbonate), Carbonic acid, polyethylene glycol, glucano-delta-lactone , benzenesulfonic acid, or Perfumes.